My favorite fitness tracker app! Monitors activity, heart rate, sleep and food intake. Clean design-- easy and fun to use. 


The app making meditation mainstream! Audio guidance and clever animations make 'taming the monkey mind' realistic for the average Jo. 

My Fitness Pal

My go-to nutrition tracking app. Although a good chunk of the nutrition data is crowd-sourced, My Fitness Pal contains an enormous bank of food, integrates with many other apps (like Fitbit, Jawbone and Run Keeper), and sends reminders to log intake. I recommend using it for 3-5 days to help identify strengths and weaknesses, rather tracking for weeks on end. We are not too far away from a passive nutrition tracking solution, but for now tracking your intake remains cumbersome. 


A list makers dream! Wunderlist beats the pen and paper version-- hands down-- by allowing you to create multiple lists for different purposes, set reminders, add files, and share lists with others. 


Simple, beautiful pictures showcasing what 200 kcal looks like across food categories. Not surprisingly, you get a lot more spinach for 200 kcal than French fries. 

The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet

Great on the-go-resource for anyone experimenting with the low FODMAP diet for IBS. The app has an extensive list of foods, categorized as red, orange or green based on their FODMAP content, and makes this tricky diet a little easier to follow. 


Yummly is a highly customizable recipe discovery tool that allows you to filter recipes based on dietary preferences, and predominant flavor (among other things)! Yummly showcases recipes from bloggers around the web, and provides nutrition facts for each recipe.